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Telstra and MATRIXX Digital Commerce

Learn how Telstra used MATRIXX Digital Commerce to reduce costs, improve NPS scores and grow revenue.

Australia’s Largest Telecommunications Company

Telstra is Australia's market leader in mobile, with 17.4 million customers and a market share of 40%. It is a full service provider offering fixed voice, internet access, pay television and other entertainment services in addition to mobile.  



Telstra’s Group Managing Director of Networks, explains why MATRIXX plays a crucial role in its Digital transformation:  


"MATRIXX have given us a real-time capability that can deliver our future digital vision: with the majority of interactions migrating to digital channels, users configuring their own packages and an experience that turns customers into advocates."






Telstra-Case-Study-Page-Graph_5.pngTelstra: % of Digital Service Transactions

Telstra's Digital First Transformation
Telstra’s ‘Digital First’ initiative was launched to move transactions to digital channels:
  • Improving customer experience: Internal Research identified a strong link between data usage, spend and net promoter score (NPS). A key driver of this project was to facilitate a step change improvement in customer advocacy.
  • Reducing operational costs: The high costs of call-center operations presented clear and obvious cost-saving opportunities that only Digital First could deliver.

The foundational transformation has been dramatic, with Telstra nearly doubling its number of digital customer transactions in just 3 years. 

These Are the Benefits of Digital First
Real-time digital experience delivering real business benefits.

Telstra’s real-time digital experience, powered by MATRIXX Digital Commerce, has converted detractors into promoters, growing revenue and boosting NPS. In fact, the program was so successful, Telstra became an investor in MATRIXX.  

+23 NPS score for customers in data disputes
-43% Bad Debt write-offs for data disputes
+11 NPS Score - overall gain since deploying MATRIXX
95% reduction in hardware costs
-40% reduction in call centre cases
+5% increase Post-Pay ARPU
MATRIXX Digital Commerce – Defining Innovation
MATRIXX was uniquely capable of powering Telstra’s digital first ambitions. These are some of the reasons why:
  • Traditional BSS wasn’t good enough: Telstra’s digital evolution required an innovative platform to deliver its desired level of customer experience through self-care channels, as opposed to simply a digital façade on a legacy platform.
  • Truly real-time was essential: During a detailed proof of concept trial, only MATRIXX Digital Commerce was capable of delivering the truly real-time information to consumers that Telstra needed to improve customer experience and reduce costs to serve. 
  • Speed-to-market mattered: As a pre-packaged software solution, MATRIXX Digital Commerce was the only platform capable of meeting Telstra’s aggressive timelines for bringing personalization, flexibility and customer choice to market.

Telstra customers can purchase roaming and other services, on-demand from their self-care app.

MATRIXX in Action

Telstra customers enjoy a differentiated data experience that is simple, customer friendly and based on highly accurate balances.  

Telstra Timeline

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