Vodafone New Zealand and MATRIXX Digital Commerce

Discover how Vodafone is winning over new customers, reducing time to market for new services, and creating compelling online experiences.


Vodafone New Zealand

Vodafone New Zealand offer a full range of mobile, broadband, fixed line and TV services to 2.4 million customers across consumer, enterprise and government segments. Recognized as a market innovator, they were first to market in 2013 with LTE and HD Voice service; and, today, their customers enjoy some of the fastest network speeds available globally.


Vodafone New Zealand have successfully used roaming propositions as a strategic differentiator:





"MATRIXX gives us the flexibility to innovate with our pricing at internet speed, we can now respond to market opportunities and launch new propositions in as little as 2 weeks."



Vodafone New Zealand’s innovative shared data offering


Vodafone’s Digital Ambition

Vodafone New Zealand partnered with MATRIXX to power their digital transformation. The key objectives driving their efforts included:

  • Building a market-leading capability for mobile data and 4G LTE innovation.
  • Reducing the time to market for new products and services.
  • Offering compelling digital customer experiences through real-time self-care, transparency, controls and personalized product promotions.

With MATRIXX, Faster Transformation

Ease of integration & speed of deployment closed the deal.

After evaluating a number of ‘traditional’ charging solutions, including a Proof-of-Concept test, it was determined that only MATRIXX could deliver on Vodafone NZ’s ambitious digital transformation timeline. Entirely product based, MATRIXX Digital Commerce required no customization or bespoke development. Unlike the other solutions requiring significant custom coding resulting in cost and time delays, MATRIXX use of simple XML configurations enabled adaptation to network specifics within hours or even minutes.  





The Vodafone IT team discuss how they are using MATRIXX to offer new services and deliver a compelling experience


The Results
Since go-live in 2014, MATRIXX has significantly reduced time-to-market, enabling the launch of major new service innovations for Vodafone New Zealand.
10% increase in subscriber additions as a result of family sharing
First to market with enterprise data sharing
+20% roaming revenues after introducing the roam-like-home service
90% reduction in deployment cycle for new plans
MATRIXX in Action

Vodafone was first to market with enterprise data sharing:


Shared family plans, with slider based controls, have been a real winner with customers:

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